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Introduction :

Logistics is one of the most complex and critical activities that forms the back bone of every business.

Despite major upgrades, the world of logistics continues to be Complex, Opaque and Disconnected resulting in operational inefficiencies (compromises in cost, quality, speed, reliability and flexibility) and consequential losses of revenue due to businesses inability to dynamically meet the constantly evolving needs of the customer.

The Extended ERP

The fundamental issue with ERP systems is that they were designed specifically for the 20th century manufacturing centric era rather than the 21st century era that's networked, flexible and fast changing. With all their updates and cloud enablement they continue to be inflexible, complex and expensive. Yet ERP has its benefits that can't be ignored.

Cloud based Logistics Management Platforms

Apart from cloud based work flow automation platforms, platforms that allow customers to connect with their vendors in real time and vice versa are gaining momentum due to the immense benefits they offer but come along with severe limitations of being focused on post transaction visibility and automation, integration or adoption costs of vendors who serve multiple clients with multiple systems and vice versa. There platforms are also designed for larger, longer term operations and tend to leave out the needs of smaller/mid-sized vendors and spot transactions.


Online Logistics Marketplaces

Logistics marketplaces are gaining momentum globally providing choice and access to multiple vendors and customers but are limited in the scope, depth of services offered and also are primarily focused on Spot transactions.

Digitally Enabled Logistics Service Providers

Digitally savvy Logistics Services Providers are growing and fast gaining market share across the logistics value chain with customers demanding more real time access to their shipments but have major limitations. Customers and vendors alike don't want to be stuck with a specific vendor for want of visibility, limited Breadth and Depth of Services offered by any one vendor.



Logistiks is a patent pending next generation logistics platform that provides a full spectrum logistics marketplace with analytics along with work flow automation, order management and ERP integration tools. In short offering the benefits of being customer or vendor agnostic before making a decision yet offering the benefits of being integrated with long term partners once the choice is made with no extra cost.

Patent Pending Platform

Logistiks Community

Build and manage your unique logistics network accessing members across the logistics community*.

Logistiks Market Place

Access a full spectrum of logistics services from members across the value chain, analyse and transact in real time.

Real Time Work Flow Management Tools (with connected vendors, customers) and Analytics

Manage complex logistic orders in real time across services, analyse transactions post closure (encompassing sales, purchases or sellers and buyers). Real time data integration with ERP.

Full Spectrum Payment Modes

Debit Cards, Credit Cards and Net Banking

Logistiks Transaction Security

Transaction Assurance is a free service offered by Logistiks designed to help create trust between buyers and suppliers. Transactions Assurance covers Logistiks suppliers with 100% order protection from their selected Transaction Assurance suppliers. You're covered if:

Your cargo is not shift as per the contract with your supplier

Logistiks Cargo/Asset Insurance and Claim Automation

Game changing digital risk protection policies at irresistible premiums across Cargo and Asset types along with easy Claim Management Automation

Data Security

Security Standards PCI DSS Level 3.2, Data Wipe post order fulfillment to keep your data secure. Data Vault Services for data storage, analytics and other requirements.

Logistiks Community

Become a Member of a Strong Logistics Group

By becoming a Seller in Logistiks.com, you automatically become a member of a Strong Logistics Group comprising of Customers, Vendors, Industry Experts, Supply Chain Professionals, Logistics Consultants etc. This helps you to strengthen your network and expand your business. You also increase your business Opportunities just by completing your Company Profile Information. The rich features of Logistiks enables a Customer to reach out to the Right Vendor.

Expand your Vendor Base and make Sourcing Simple.

The Networking Power of Logistiks.com enables a Customer to Expand their Vendor base by seeking Partnership with Vendors meeting your requirements and Approving them as your Vendor by Partnering. This provides enormous business opportunities for a Customer Logistiks also allows you to follow a member in the Market Place enabling you to understand the Marketplace opportunities

Express yourself to the World

Logistiks.com Community allows you to Post an Article or Post a Job or Post an Event enabling you to reach out to a Vast Logistics Community across the Globe.


A Strong Physical Network

We understand that a Physical Network is an imperative in Logistics Industry. Hence, we have expanded our Franchisee Network to every district of the country. We would soon be having at least one Franchisee in each district who would help you in Onboarding, providing operational help and help you in transacting in Portal

Operational Support

Focus on your business expansion and leave the rest to us. Our strong Physical Network of Franchisees can assist you in providing Logistics support on the ground in any location* of the country thereby reducing your burden in operations.